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Cranio-sacral Therapy Magic - 12-05-2008

When I first heard of crano sacral therapy, I was not sure of what to expect, though I was wiling to try alternative therapy for my son. My son was always out of energy, always tired even though he loved to partake in all kinds of sport. This of course made him even more tired. The worst part was that he did not seem to have muscle mass according to my uninformed observation and just put it all to a spoilt boy who was just plain lazy. I, after an explanation of what this therapy might do, decided to give it a shot. He went for the first session and when he was done, he could not keep his eyes open. For the first time that night he slept very peacefully as he was obviously very tired. [I omitted to mention earlier that he was not having proper sleep for a very long time before the therapy.] It is only after the second session that I noticed a marked difference in Zinjivha. Only then, I started noticing my child's growth process, which I had not paid much attention to, assuming that it would all come in good time, whatever that meant though sure to give me a sense of comfort. He did not have many more sessions thereafter but he has become strong, with a dramatic improvement in is appetite and a he has a lot more energy than before, with visible muscle formation particularly around his thighs and legs. I obviously would be happier with more sessions as I think there is more development potential he still has to unleash, now that I know the difference! I am grateful for having taken the chance. Family members have actually confirmed the sudden positive change in his physic, and not the sloppy boy that they have known since he was a baby. [I am sure they were reserving their comments just in case they hurt my feelings.] Thank you Claire, we will certainly come back for more! Sayinile.


Claire accomplished in two x 2 hour sessions what the deep tissue massage guy I had been seeing for over five years could not. I used to see him fortnightly Claire and I, are now working residual (small) issues that have been there for a long time. I have not taken a sleeping pill or headache tablet or any other medication for that matter in 7, 8 months. I used to pop pills every day/night. I am at peace and not aggressive at all. And as a direct result of Claire work and other personal work I have been doing in my own personal capacity my life is truly and finally working for me. In short Claire has been the catalyst. Her work may at times be intense but overall it is done in a very caring gentle manner. Something I know I needed. G Da Silver

Contemplations: Memories are like pebbles on a beach. Varied in colour, rough and oddly shaped but most are flat smooth and conical. Our memories and emotions can be likened. It is the rough, hard pounding of the waves of life that take an event and churn it till it is smooth. It is during this process of refinement that if we look close enough we will find the centre of purpose and or lesson to be learnt. Then someone comes along picks out just a few along the shore line. They admire the beauty and softness of the stone, the roughness gone. You think how is it possible? Don't they see the process endured? No longer - it is washed away. Only the Creators expression can be seen. Left is inner beauty, wisdom, richness of character and an appreciation of what is unseen. Then looking on the collection made all have value and some are pure and white. All make up the selection and the others left on the beach need no more reflection. It is time to let them go……